Moulin Rouge entrances

The Moulin Rouge is one of the world’s most iconic and recognizable cabaret clubs. 

How do you enter this world-famous club conveniently and get to the gorgeous show as soon as possible?

The Moulin Rouge has multiple entrances that allow visitors to access the different areas of the venue.

Here are all the Moulin Rouge entrances you can use:

Main entrance

The main entrance of the Moulin Rouge is located on the Boulevard de Clichy, and it leads directly into the main showroom. 

This is where guests will find their seats for the iconic Moulin Rouge show, which features a mix of singing, dancing, acrobatics and special effects. 

The main Moulin Rouge entrance is also where guests will check in for their dinner reservations.

Bar and dance floor entrance

Another entrance to the Moulin Rouge is located on the side of the building, and it leads to the club’s bar and dance floor. 

This entrance is perfect for those who would like to enjoy a drink and dance after the show. 

The bar and dance floor are open until the early hours of the morning, and they are a great way to end a night at the Moulin Rouge.

VIP entrance

Additionally, the Moulin Rouge also has a VIP entrance, which is reserved for special guests and VIP ticket holders. 

The VIP entrance allows guests to bypass the main entrance and go directly to their reserved seating area. 

This entrance usually provides a VIP lounge for the guests for a more relaxed experience before the show.

Lastly, if you’re planning to have dinner and are unaware of the place, then you may have a look here too!

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