Moulin Rouge has a rich history dating back to 1889 and has been a popular destination for years. 

Moulin Rouge has many restrictions in place to protect its visitors and its unique once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Moulin Rouge restrictions are implemented for various reasons, such as safety concerns, capacity limits or compliance with local laws and regulations.

These are some restrictions that you should be aware of before visiting the Moulin Rouge:

Dress code

One of the main restrictions is the Moulin Rouge dress code. 

The venue has a strict dress code policy that requires you to dress elegantly and appropriately for the occasion. 

This means that shorts, sandals and athletic wear are not allowed. 

Additionally, men must wear a jacket and tie, and women are encouraged to wear evening or cocktail dresses. 

Please adhere to the dress code to ensure you are allowed to enter the venue.


Another restriction at the Moulin Rouge is the minimum age requirement. 

The venue has a minimum age requirement of 18 years old, and ID will be required to enter the venue. 

This is to ensure that the Moulin Rouge remains a safe and appropriate environment for all attending the show.

Photography and videography

Photography and videography
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The Moulin Rouge also has a policy regarding photography and videography. 

Photography and videography are strictly prohibited inside the venue, except for designated areas. 

This is to protect the performers and maintain the venue’s intimate atmosphere. 

Those violating this policy may have their equipment confiscated and be asked to leave the venue.


Smoking is not allowed inside the venue, and there is a designated area outside for those who wish to smoke.

Use of mobile devices

Lastly, the Moulin Rouge has a strict policy regarding the use of mobile devices. 

The use of mobile devices is prohibited during performances, including phone calls and text messages. 

The use of mobile devices can be disruptive to the performance and the other patrons and is not allowed inside the venue.

Featured Image: Yuriz from Getty Images (Canva)

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