The Red Windmill

The Red Windmill on the Moulin Rouge is an iconic symbol of the famous cabaret and an essential piece of architecture.

It is more than just a decorative element; it is a beautiful work of art.

The name “Moulin Rouge” means “red windmill” in French, and it will probably be the first thing that catches your eye when you visit Moulin Rouge.

The history of these windmills can explain the Moulin Rouge, but there is also a different theory that concerns a red windmill that stands over the graves of the three Debray brothers who died defending their mill against the Cossacks. 

The windmill serves as an appropriate tribute for the brothers, whose blood is symbolized by red, in the Cimetière de Montmartre, where the brothers are buried. 

As part of his questionable monument to the three courageous Debray brothers, Joseph Oller is said to have created the red windmill when he was building the Moulin Rouge. 

The fact that the world’s oldest profession is associated with the color red is simply a coincidence.

The windmill was originally incorporated into the design of the Moulin Rouge as a nod to the windmills that used to dot the hills of Montmartre, the neighborhood of the cabaret. 

However, it quickly became an integral part of the Moulin Rouge’s identity and helped to make the cabaret one of the most recognizable landmarks in Paris.

In terms of architecture, the windmill is a prime example of the Art Nouveau style. 

This style, which emerged in the late 19th century, is characterized by its emphasis on organic forms and new materials and techniques. 

It is adorned with intricate patterns and shapes, and its bright red color adds to its striking visual impact.

The Red Windmill of Moulin Rouge also symbolizes the cabaret’s lively and vibrant atmosphere. 

Its bold and striking design reflects the cabaret’s reputation for extravagant shows and raunchy performances. 

It is a symbol of the Moulin Rouge’s spirit and the energy of the performances that take place within its walls.

In addition to its significance and architecture, the red windmill on the Moulin Rouge is also a beautiful and striking element of art. 

To sum up, the windmill’s intricate design makes it a striking and integral addition to the Parisian skyline.

Featured Image: Frenchmoments.eu

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